The Unexpected Cosmology

The Children of Cain and Grace Slick: A Genealogy of Royal Spooks -   THE SUBJECT of this paper primarily deals with the children of Cain. You shall see why in a moment. The children of Cain can first be discovered in Genesis chapters 4-6, and the short of it is this. Eve bore Cain through Ha-Satan. Yes, I am finally coming out of the closet and admitting […]

TITANIC Lies | It Was All a Hoax and Its Only Survivors Were Crisis Actors - IT WENT DOWN on the streets of Baltimore. The official story is that Peter Pryal was ill. Diagnosis, an internal disorder. What else would explain how the once quartermaster on the steamship Majestic of the White Star Line met its former captain, E. J. Smith? Pryal did not even believe his own encounter, despite observing […]

TITANIC Is Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (For This Sinking Myth to Swim) - RIGHT AWAY the Titanic narrative presents some familiar oddities. We are informed that the RMS Titanic sank on the 15th of April. I am quickly reminded that Lincoln died on the very date. April 15. Both were hoaxes. The Boston Bombing happened on April 15. Another hoax. There are of course other honorable mentions. Notre […]

TITANIC: A True Hollywood Story (Hint, It’s All a Movie) - THE SINKING of the Titanic was a staged hoax. These days, we really need to just get to the point and be done with it. So, there you have it. Never happened. Faked. And I know what you’re probably already thinking. As I write these words, there is a reported shipwreck at the bottom of […]