The Unexpected Cosmology

The Alec Baldwin Movie Set Shooting Was a Bruce and Brandon Lee Tribute - SOMETIMES the world stage producers film a movie within another movie. There is a name for that. An embedded narrative is a literary device in which a character within a story becomes the narrator of a second story within the first. In the case that you should desire an example, I am about to give […]

[UPDATE:] The Death of Anne Heche Doesn’t Add Up - THE fakery keeps pouring in. And so, I’ve added new information to my Anne Heche paper. They really should have left the story as it is, discovered some new dig in Mar-o-Lago, because now we’ve come to learn that Anne Heche was trapped in the burning home for a whopping 45 minutes while firefighters attempted […]

Murder by the Numbers: The Death of Anne Heche - MY gut instinct was to say that Anne Heche really was dead. That opinion then changed to a hoax and, in the intervening days, has only continued to ping-pong. It doesn’t really matter what I believe though, does it? What matters is the truth, and either Anne Heche slipped off the world stage, as so […]

Joe and Jill Biden’s COVID Was a Ceremony by the Numbers - HOT off the press. And now Jill Biden has the Rona. How many times did she sip from the juice cup, I wonder? Oh, I know, it would have been so much worse if she hadn’t. The News was announced on 8/16/22. 8+16+22 equals 46 and 46 equals virus in one of the four main […]

The Hoover Dam Explosion Was Another Ceremony by the Numbers - THE PLAN was to take the night off and stare at the fireflies for a couple of hours but there’s that Hoover Dam explosion in the News, and you know how these things go. I’ll rest when I’m dead. Anywho, you may have heard how Hoover Dam was built with the Occultists in mind and […]

The Death of Ivana Trump Was a Ceremony by the Numbers - IVANA Trump was pronounced dead precisely 144 days after her last birthday. On 07. 14. 2022, specifically. You’re probably wondering why I keep harping on birthdays. It probably has something to do with birthdays being the worship of the self and, according to Anton LaVey, the most Satanic day of the year. She was 73, […]

The Georgia Guidestones Was a Death and Rebirth Ceremony by the Numbers - IT’S been two or three months since I’ve updated my Ceremony by the Numbers research, which wasn’t exactly the original intent. I had wanted a new update every week or two. But you know how these things go. I’ve been so busy dusting off old or writing new papers, not to mention running the book […]

Ceremony by the Numbers: The Kamala Harris Covid-19 Hoax - I DON’T know if I should be awestruck at the few people who still believe the Jesuit sponsored Covid-19 psychodrama was ever a thing to begin with, or at the Media for being so out of touch with awakened humanity as to continue spewing their psyop as a legitamate narrative. Kamala Harris got Covid. Oh […]

Ceremony by the Numbers: Elon Musk’s Purchase of Twitter was Rigged - FREE speech, that must be it. Wait until you read the latest numbers. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was rigged. It’s all in the title. Therefore, I’m not giving anything away quite yet. You’ll have to open the latest edition to my Ceremony by the Numbers document for yourself.  PDF [Update]: Elon Musk’s Purchase of […]

The Boston Marathon Bombing was a Hoax - IMMEDIATELY after publishing my report on Sandy Hook nearly one week ago, I felt it only natural to skip ahead to the next big FEMA event. The Boston Marathon bombing transpired four months later on the Gregorian calendar. Look at today’s date. It’s the 18 of April. It would have been nice if my paper […]