The Unexpected Cosmology

The New York City Subway Attack was a Hoax - THE NEWS was bombarding us yesterday with the dveloping story of the New York City subway attack and the manhunt for its suspect. That’s right about when I was attempting to finish up the first itteration of my ‘Ceremony by the Numbers’ paper. And now look at us, here we are revisiting it. From the […]

Ceremony by the Numbers: Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes - A NEW paper has been started which I call Ceremony by the Numbers. It aims to show how these daily Intel psyops go down using a number system called Gematria, and very few people seem to notice. I hope to change that. The PDF is being dropped below. If you’d rather just receive a summary […]

Joe Biden: Puppet President (He’s a Walking Numbers Ritual) - THIS morning I find myself in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Though breathtakingly beautiful, it is wet and cold outside all the same, and so, I thought to myself: Why not finish my ‘Joe Biden: Puppet President’ article in the warmth of my camper? Well, technically, this is only the beginning of what I […]