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Will The Unexpected Cosmology Survive? - Feed Gofundme the baby Elephant Will ‘The Unexpected Cosmology’ Survive? By Noel Joshua Hadley 1/30/24 WELL, it’s happening. I’ve started a Gofundme account. All indications have the Hadley’s moving to a single-family income. We were anticipating the change within the next couple of years but not this soon. As a ministry, The Unexpected Cosmology has […]

The Alec Baldwin Rust Shooting: Brought To Us By Our Jesuit and Freemason Sponsors - EVERY so often I get asked the question by the Conspiracy Lightweights why somebody like Chris Rock would fake getting slapped by Will Smith, and on stage at an actor’s awards show of all places, especially if Smith’s career were hurt as a result of his actions. Slapping Chris Rock. The same can be said […]

Unexpected Memes: Texas Barbed Wire Border Crisis & Civil War - Unexpected Memes: Texas Border Crisis and Civil War

The Rod of YAHAUAHA and Second Passover - Second Passover is a hot topic of conversation on the Internet and just about everyone and their mom wants to know when it will occur. People ask me all the time in a depressing manner if I think it’s already happened, as if that’s a bad thing. I’m sorry to be the bearer of News […]

Back To the Bible: Time Travel In Scripture - TIME travel isn’t a foreign concept in these part, as I will direct you to my Wizard of Trump paper. Oddly enough, it didn’t start out that way. The first draft was bare bones commentary on the Mandela Effect as it pertained to the terrorist van in Back To the Future, which just so happened […]

Muhammad and the Millennial Kingdom: Satans Origin Story - REMEMBER the time when I quoted from the Quran, and it straight up said that Allah has no sons? That passage can be found in Miryam 88-95. And then there is the other passage which I quoted from, the one which claims no servant of Allah would ever take an angel or a prophet as […]

Chess and the Millennial Kingdom: Cosmic Mountains, Lunar Sabbaths - JUST last week I premiered my ‘Chess and the Millennial Kingdom’ paper, and already, I’ve returned to bring you an update. On this go-around, my intent is to discuss the chess board’s connection with cosmic mountains but also the lunar cycle, and what does the lunar cycle remind us of? High-Sabbaths. Though the seven-day Sabbath […]

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