The Unexpected Cosmology

Pinocchio Is Dead: The Meaning of Life According to Alchemy - ANOTHER THING that recently came to my attention, and this surprised me, was the number of home school parents who read my work. Perhaps I didn’t frame that quite right. Let’s try this again. They read my work to their home schooled children as an added bonus to their curriculum. I still don’t know what […]

The Walrus Was Paul: Mk-Ultra and the Beatles - “I am who I was once I am as you see You make it make sense now” —Mark Staycer   PAUL IS DEAD. No—that’s not a typo. What you just read is one of the oldest “conspiracies” still readily available or discussed among theorists today. The foundation of its argument begins like this. On the […]

Seriously, What Does It Matter If the Diary of Anne Frank Is a Hoax? - THE ANNE FRANK House in Amsterdam has made it abundantly clear that they will seek legal action against anyone who doubts the official narrative—which just so happens to be their narrative. It’s on their website. I’m only one or two sentences in, and already you should be planting your first Neil Armstrong moon flag on […]

Raise Your Child In Freemasonry with the Boy Scouts of America! - THE CLOSEST example that I could come up with is in the opening segment of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. ‘It’s kind of a western,’ I thought to myself, ‘in so much as it takes place in the American West, despite the fact that Boy Scouts fill each frame.’ If you’re already confused as […]

Spielberg Never Made a Spaghetti Western - AFTER FIVE consecutive decades of turning out Hollywood movies, I’m somewhat surprised that Steven Spielberg never got around to making an American western. Oh, haven’t you heard? Every meaningful Spielberg movie is based upon a lie. That’s my working theory, anyway. The list includes Schindler’s List, Lincoln, Munich, that entire beach scene in Saving Private […]

Did Yahusha Return in 70 AD? I Think We Missed the Resurrection - “But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase to more ungodliness. And their word will eat as does a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.” Sha’ul (2 Timothy 2: 16-18) A THOUSAND-mile drive […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Did Not Kill Herself - THE CORONER said it was suicide. But you and I know that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. No guards were around. The little red light on every video camera was suspiciously turned off. Most will not recognize the irony. Epstein spent his life recording elite crimes. Those whom he blackmailed did not return the […]

More Family Relations In the Donner Party Hoax - THE STORY we are given is that James Frazier Reed quarreled with teamster John Snyder somewhere along the Humboldt River after Snyder began beating his oxen with a whip handle. The days were hot, tempers short, and winter was soon upon them. It was October 6, 1846. When Reed intervened, Snyder slashed him across the […]

The Donner Party Is Keeping It All In the Family - THE FIRST lesson of the Donner Party is to never take a short cut. Stay off the grass. Follow the leader. Do as you’re told. Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Keep as far away from Antarctica as is humanly possible. It’s cold and miserable and there’s nothing to film there but penguin […]

I Do Not Believe in the 1849 California Gold Rush - THE YEAR was 1849. That’s when it happened, in 1849. 1849 is all you really need to know. 1849. 1849. If you happened to miss that, 1849. San Francisco did not exist before 1849, give or take a year, and something about gold. Oh, haven’t you heard? Everybody flocked to San Francisco in 1849 for […]