Will The Unexpected Cosmology Survive?

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Will ‘The Unexpected Cosmology’ Survive?

By Noel Joshua Hadley


WELL, it’s happening. I’ve started a Gofundme account. All indications have the Hadley’s moving to a single-family income. We were anticipating the change within the next couple of years but not this soon. As a ministry, The Unexpected Cosmology has little choice but to become the sole financial provider or hang up and retire. This is the most serious I have ever been when I say I need your help. If TUC has blessed you on your journey of discovery and spiritual walk, then I ask that you please consider becoming a financial supporter. Allow me to explain.

During the summer of 2022, we launched the TUC Book Club for the specific purposes of supporting the financial needs of Rebecca Gould. It was a success. Rebecca has proven to be an incredible ministry building partner, providing top notch work as an editor, and bringing numerous texts to modern audiences, like The Earth Not a Globe Review Volumes I and II, among others. She also runs the TUC Store. Up to this point, the TUC Book Club and Store have been utilized to support her needs. Rebecca is going to remain with the TUC family, nothing is going to change on that front.

Fast forward to September of 2023. After finishing her latest contract as a software engineer, I asked my wife Sarah to take six months off and consider becoming a full-time mom, give it a test run. She agreed. And now where has the time gone? Looks like that six months is nearly expired. With that in mind, there is bad news and there is good news. The good news is that Sarah never wants to work for another company again. She wants to devote her full-time talents to our children and a TUC partnership, thereby expanding the vision of this ministry in groundbreaking new ways. The bad news is that her contract is not being renewed. Therefore, the road signs all seem to be pointing towards the inevitable. We feel that YAHAUAHA wants us to take this next step in our life journey.

With Sarah at the helm, being the brilliant problem solver that she is, we believe we can implement practical ways of covering our family’s financial needs, via this ministry. But starting out, we need your help. We need ministry supporters. Not including the financial support already going towards Rebecca, our hope is to get us at a place where we can bring in $8000 per month. We can float at $5000, though at present, that will eat into our savings, and of course, the last several months have all been based upon the floating principle.

To give you an overview of our expenses, it’s actually not all that grim. We have one automobile, a 2002 Ford F350. It’s paid off. We own an RV, a 5th-wheel. It’s paid off. What isn’t paid off is our mortgage. We live in a 3-bedroom house on the east coast, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. Had Sarah’s contract been renewed, we would have likely had the house paid off by April of this year (in two or three-months’ time!), but that no longer appears to be the plan. Once the house is paid off, we can bring our monthly family budget drastically down to $5000 per month. We were also hoping for another year’s contract because the house needs a lot of work, you know how that goes, though again, that no longer appears to be the plan.

The current fundraiser has an aim of $7,000, providing income for March. This will be my monthly goal. A long-term solution will come through product sales and Patreon supporters, which I ask that you also consider. It will take time, however, to ramp up the production at TUC in such a way that these donations are no longer needed. In a moment, I will let you in on some of our ministry goals. Asking for assistance is something which I clearly do not enjoy. I have maintained The Unexpected Cosmology for years on the mere desire to promote a deeper understanding of the world which YAHAUAHA is king over, and in doing so, encouraging Bible believers to take steps of obedience towards his Instructions in righteous living. But then, with everything I’ve just stated, it is now or perhaps never. Trusting in the provisions of YAHAUAHA has never been more imperative.

Moving forward, my goal at TUC is to focus upon providing more resource information for the foundations of spiritual growth. I love, love, love discovering new layers of Truth and then telling others about them, but all the same, as a missionary to fellow Truth seekers, it is important to ensure various levels of development are being cultivated. One of the ways this is being accomplished are through my weekly Torah portion studies on the eve of Shabbat. These serve as an introduction to the Instructions for many individuals who are pouring into TUC through our alternative avenues of Biblical-Truth research.

Already, the website is stocked with rarely read extra-Biblical books, all of which have been personally edited, and many are offered in physical books. To give you an example of two upcoming endeavors, I aim to lead a study on Paul’s letter to the Galatians According to the Torah (which is a behemoth hurdle for most to overcome). That one is already in its early stages. Another aim is to produce weekly Torah portions notes in book form for small group or personal studies. Oh, and there’s another really fun and exciting addition which Sarah and I are currently developing, one which will benefit many well beyond this ministry, but I can’t give it away until it has neared completion.

I ask that you please pray and consider investing in the future of TUC. Many are coming to the Truth of Yahusha HaMashiach and his Father’s Commands, via the Torah, though the alternative research being offered.

Thank you for reading this and shalom.

Noel Joshua Hadley