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THIS months roster is chalked full of releases. We’ve really been picking up the pace of production here at TUC, as there are numerous new books to choose from. For those of you who are TUC Supporters, you will be receiving your February coupon codes on the whereabouts of February 5.

For those of you who are still unaware of how the coupons work, if you support us with $5 a month, then you’ll receive a $5 coupon. The same goes for the $15, $30, $50, $70, $100, and $150 supporters. You will receive a coupon up to the amount of your monthly investment, though you are certainly free to spend over that amount. It will be up to you to decide whether you want our latest book and magazine release, either its paper or eBook counterpart, or a completely different title in our back catalogue. Not only that, your coupon is good for any of Don’s teas and health products as well as the jewelry which we stock from time to time. Shop for yourself or purchase books and other gifts for family and friends. Mix and match. It is up to you to decide. 

I’ll take you through each of our new and original releases for the month of February so that you can decide what you’d like to see arrive on your doorstep. Thank you all for investing in the ministry here at The Unexpected Cosmology! 

February NEW Release

SHAMA’UATH: The Second Book of Moses

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“A long time after these events, the king of Matsarayam died. But the children of Yashar’Al were still oppressed in their servitude, and their cries from their slavery reached ALAHAYAM. ALAHAYAM therefore remembered His covenant with Abaraham, and with Yatsachaq, and with Ya’Ayqub. Therefore, ALAHAYAM looked upon the children of Yashar’Al, and ALAHAYAM revealed Himself.”

‘SHAMA’UATH: The Second Book of Moses’ is Exodus from the Paleo-Hebrew as translated by Pamela Glasgow. Pamela is actively working to translate the entire Torah from the Paleo and we are pleased to be partnering up with her in the process. Just last month we premiered BARASHAYATH and look how far Pamela has already come. She’s 2/5 of the way to the finish line!

February NEW Release

The Seven Thousand Year Timeline Deception

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How many years has ‘The Seven Thousand Year Timeline Deception’ sat in the development hell stage now, two or three? It’s been far too long. I’m thrilled to finally have it available for the TUC family. I really do believe this is some cutting edge material, completely reshaping our understanding of YAHAUAHA’s work in His-Story. Working hand-in-hand with my other recent books, ‘The Glorious Appearing of Yahusha HaMashiach‘, ‘Besorah Kepha,’ and ‘The Hidden Wilderness,’ The Seven Thousand Year Timeline Deception’ not only delves into precise prophetic passages regarding the Millennial Kingdom of Yahusha HaMashiach, but also, when it would happen. And that would be the ‘Dark Ages’. Specifically, the years 500-1500, give or take so many decades.

February NEW Release

Q and the Millennial Kingdom

By John Q Adams

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When the storm has passed, the wicked are gone;
but the righteous are firmly established forever.

—Proverbs 10:25

10:25=10:7= 17= Q

It’s going to be BIBLICAL!

Here is another book that has been at least two years in the making. I’ve been working with John Q Adams to see his vision for the Millennial Kingdom, mud flood, and short season, as they pertain to the Q-Anon movement, turned into book form for a great long while now. I’m thrilled to partner with John, and hope you will find his investigative journey to be an enlightening one.

From the author

“In Matthew 13 we read that at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send his angels into the world to remove all causes of sin and all lawbreakers so that the righteous can shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Imagine with me for a moment that all the wicked and corrupt people in Hollywood, Washington DC, state and local governments, organizations like the UN, WEF, or WHO, the mainstream media, big tech, central banks, cartels, etc. are suddenly gone, removed from the face of the earth. Sounds amazing. But what would that look like? How do you remove the wicked from a world that they are running without it collapsing so violently that those who remain are destroyed in the process? It would have to be covert, behind the scenes, clean and swift, no civil unrest, almost unnoticeable to the average person. What if that is happening now? John Q Adams shows how this could be the case and how the Q operation is involved.”

John Q Adams

February NEW Release

The Destruction of Jerusalem

By George Peter Holford

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‘The Destruction of Jerusalem’ was written and published in 1805 by George Peter Holford with the intent of demonstrating how, if nothing else, the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD gives absolute and irresistible proof that Christianity is supported by Divine Prophecy. Many thanks go out to our very own Lisa Oakes-Pechal for finishing the editing project on a hidden treasure.

February NEW eBook Release

A Year of Feasts: Exploring the Biblical Feasts

By Eliyah Botha



Eliyah has been a monthly columnist writer here at The Unexpected Cosmology. As someone who writes on Torah basics and living practically according to the Commands, he’s gearing up to have her first full length book completed. In the meanwhile, we are premiering her recently finished eBook which introduces the feasts of YAHAUAHA to those who are new to the Torah.

February NEW Release

The Hidden Treasure of the Dead Sea Scrolls

By James and Kaylee Wilson


We have received many requests for material geared towards children. And so, I am happy to announce, we are premiering our first child’s book, ‘The Hidden Treasure of the Dead Sea Scrolls,’ as written by James and Kaylee Wilson.

“The year 2020 was a year of 20/20 vision for our family. We always understood the evil in the world, but never knew how it had affected modern Christianity and the history of the Bible. We prayed for The Lord to bring us understanding and to fill us with HIS truth. A few months after consistently praying for wisdom, truth, and discernment, we heard about the Dad Sea Scrolls, apocryphal books, and extra Biblical texts from a friend at Bible Study. (We started with the Books of Enoch and our minds were BLOWN!)

The more truth we discovered, the more our eyes were opened! We soon realized how difficult it was to find truthful children’s books to read to our kinds. As we continued praying about what we were learning, we felt Yahuah place the though in our minds “you can write you own children’s books”. So that’s what we decided to do!”

James and Kaylee Wilson

The February Issues of TUC Magazine



The February Issue mirrors my latest release of ‘The Seven Thousand Year Timeline Deception,’ and includes the following articles. 


536 A.D. YEAR OF THE FIRE RESET | Noel Joshua Hadley … 4

537 A.D. THE END OF CAMELOT | Noel Joshua Hadley … 10

ARCHITECTS OF CAMELOT | Noel Joshua Hadley … 17


541 AD: YEAR OF THE APOCALYPSE | Noel Joshua Hadley … 28



BLESSINGS OR CURSES: What Will You Choose? | Eliyah… 46

THE VISION OF THE GIANT BEARS | Sean Walking Bear … 54

The [Loading] Screen | Pauly Hart … 56

THE WORD OF YAHWEH UNTO ENOCH: A Pseudepigrapha Serial | Pauly Hart … 64


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