TUC: The Unexpected Cosmology Magazine Premiere!

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THE ABC agencies are going to have to slap me silly just to shut me up this time around. A whole bunch of really kewl stuff is going down here at The Unexpected Cosmology, one of which is the launch of our montly Magazine, TUC. I expect it to be monthly, or semi-monthly, or whenever I feel like it monthly, I couldn’t really say at the moment. But what I can tell you is that the first four are already lined up and mostly ready to go. For Issue 001, I’m going back to the beginning and publishing my interview with Rob Skiba to celebrate the seventh anniversary of his Chicago skyline experiment, when he became convinced that the earth is flat. There will be other wonderful surprises as well. You can pre-order a first copy the TUC store. Help me make this a success. 

From here on out, I expect to premiere my articles as well as those from my guest writers in the pages of TUC. If you would like to be featured, the please do contact me. I am looking for quality writers and well researched as well as edited subjects of interest. None of that he said she said wishy washy nitpicky stuff. Thank you, the Management.

Here is my e-mail. 

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