The Temple Mount Hoax: The Melchizedek Evidence

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RIGHT about the time I started looking into the Fort Antonia deception is when I noticed that the big announcement had come through. The Melchizedek Temple had been excavated. Dreams do come true. I am once again showing you a picture of the City of David, though much within the frame is blurred. The fact of the matter is I like tilt-shift photos, and this is my paper, so what are you going to do about it? Best to turn it off or buckle up. If you need to find your bearings, that golden shiny dome in the background sits on top of the ‘you know what’. I have also taken the time to draw a heart in the whereabouts of the Melchizedek temple, for your convenience. Why a heart? Because I love the Melchizedek’s is why, believing Shem to be one of them. It’s been a long while since I’ve given any updates to my Temple Hoax paper. There’s probably three pages of new information added to this one. Some of it deals with the Melchizedek’s but I’ve got new information on the annexing of Jerusalem during the 67 war as well and why that’s straight up shady. 

PDF [UPDATE]: The Temple Mount Is a Hoax

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