EARLIER this week, I published my analysis of the fairy-tale and the Princess Archetype in a little ditty I like to call Sleeping Beauty and the Feminine Divine. That came only after touching up a thing or two in my Princess Kaguya paper. As part of the perfect storm, my twin sons read Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh for school. I told you about that yesterday, but for contextual purposes, it deserves repeating. We were commenting upon Rabbit’s frustration with Tigger in the Disney movie when one son, Eric, added: “Rabbit kidnapped Roo in the book.” I immediately tried to recall my own reading nearly 35 years ago if you can believe that, and was like, huh? He then added: “Afterwards, Roo visited Rabbit every Tuesday.” And I was like, Wait, what!? It was that comment alone which prompted me to pull the ‘Mysteries of Pooh’ from the shelf, even going so far as to invest a day or two with the polish and duster before finally getting around to today’s commentary.  

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