The Many Lives of Nimrod: Gilgamesh and the Wild Man

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HE was a wild man, you know. Gilgamesh. Pre-diluvian Gilgamesh that is. Not sure if you noticed that part. It’s a line in ‘The Book of the Giants’. I didn’t say anything at the time, mostly because I wanted to see if you were paying attention. The good news is that I won’t make you thumb back through the pages in search of his confession. Here it is again.

The day of the ravening wild beasts has come and that of the wild man as I [Gilgamesh] am known.

The Book of the Giants [Dead Sea Scrolls]

Supposing some of you haven’t the faintest clue what a wild man is, I will explain. Or perhaps you are thinking he is describing the person you are married to. The wild man, though they are also referred to as the woodwose, frequently shows up in the oldest literature available to us. They are often depicted as giants and always covered with hair. Their defining character trait is that they live out in the mountains, completely removed from human civilization. Some of you are still thinking I’m describing your husband. That may be, but I am inclined to believe the wild man and the sasquatch are the same entity. I have also come prepared with illustrations from my personal collection.

This is a continuation and latest addition to my report, The Many Lives of Nimrod. Probably my last update for a while. You can read the entirety in the link below.

PDF [UPDATE]: The Many Lives of Nimrod: Gilgamesh and the Wild Man

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