The Genesis Reset: Who Created Elohiym?

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DESPITE appearances, this isn’t a ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg’ question. What I’m presenting is a new evaluation of the opening sentence of Genesis. You’re already well aquainted with it. “In the begining, elohiym created the heavens and the earth.” But is that really what it says? There’s pertinant information left out, which I aim to share. You may recall that ‘The Genesis Rest’ is an older paper. It’s been published twice already within the last year, but I keep adding to it. The reason being is that I keep finding new information and hope to improve upon it. The “Who created elohiym” question happens pretty early on. I believe it’s page 7 of the current draft. Also, I’ve included the online read through. Just don’t expect it to include the current addition. And please don’t forget to feed the puppy. The puppy appreciates it. 

PDF [Update]: The Genesis Reset

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