The Death of Kenneth Anger: His Dr. Alfred Kinsey and Charlie Manson Connections

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KENNETH Anger is someone whom I’ve never put a focus on before. Yes, he was mentioned in my Manson paper, particularly due to his Vito Paulekas and Masonite Bobby Beausoleil connection, but only in passing. For whatever reason, it wasn’t until his recent passing that his Dr. Alfred Kinsey connection popped right up and assaulted me. How had I missed this before? I’ve said this a thousand times already, spooks all swim in the same circles. Kenneth Anger is shady as hell but then so are the Numbers surrounding his death. Even those have ceremony written to them. You’ll have to check out the latest addition to my Manson paper for yourself. FYI, a $5 donation gives you an all access pass. I put a lot of work into these research projects and appreciate your support. Also, the Kenneth Anger additions a can be found under the Vito Paulekas section.

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