The Black Dahlia Hoax: The Gary Devore Connection

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A CAREFUL observer will ask what Gary Devore has to do with the many faces of Tilda Swinton, as seen above. There are connections but probably not what you think. Also, who is Gary Devore and how does he play into the Black Dahlia murder? If you give me a chance then I’ll explain. We even see Arnold Schwarzzenagor on the cover. When it comes to Intel psyops, the Austrian Oak has practially become a staple around here. So many clues. This is the second edition of The Black Dahlia Hoax paper which was first published last summer. It’s the first time when all four parts were included in one document though. I’ve cleaned them up considerably, adding new photos and information.

PDF: The Black Dahlia Hoax (03.24.2022)