[UPDATE]: The Award Winning Oscars Slap was a Pfizer Commercial

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YES, today is April 1 . I’m well aware of that fact and, for the record, despise the date. I’ve been nailed to the wall in years past because I published on April Fool’s, but why should I stop working just because the Satanic elite make a field trip out of it? I’ll sleep when I’m dead and much prefer exposing them at their antics. The only hoax in today’s article update relays upon everyone being fooled by our Controllers and the fact that Pfizer is poisoning everyone, but even that is an understatement. This is an updated paper, of course. I would have had revisions up yesterday or the day before but I’ve been traveling across North America. My current whereabouts finds me in the Great Smokies. And I didn’t wake up two or three hours before sunrise to not publish something. And so, here you go. The Will Smith slap was a commercial. 

PDF [Update]: The Slap Heard Around the World