The Atomic Bomb was a Hoax: The Series

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I WROTE my four part series on the atomic bomb hoax a little over a year ago, and so, you’re probably wondering why I’m publishing the same four reports all over again. Well, I’ve finally formatted them into one document, which was the plan all along. Also, I’ve added several pages of new insight and observation. When I initially penned the series in February of 2021, I strongly felt a nuclear narrative was immenent on the horizon, and if you’ve been following the Media over the last so many weeks, we find ourselves in one. Yes, we are being threatened with nuclear annahialation. Not from North Korea either. This time, it comes from Russia, again. They fed us this dribble all throughout the Cold War but this time they say it’s for real. We shall see.

Here is my report. The whole package (as it now stands). Happy reading.

PDF: The Atomic Bomb was a Hoax: The Series