Paul on Trial: Apostle or False Apostle?

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“BUT Paul….” is probably the most repeated sentence in the English language, and likely any language, for that matter. It always seems to follow any passage in Scripture which speaks of the lawless as those who rebel against Torah. “But Paul…!” And it doesn’t matter if the entirity of Scripture tells us to be obedient to Yahuah’s commands, including Revelation. Apparently, Paul said the complete opposite is God’s will for humanity, and so, he is the one to be believed rather than Moses or the Prophets or even Messiah. Madness. A straightforward reading of Acts tells us the complete opposite is true. It is the false accusers who claimed Paul was telling people to break Torah. How ironic. To claim he freed us from the Law is to agree with his accusers. You can read my report for yourself. It’s the latest edition to ‘The Torah Abides.’ 

PDF [UPDATE]:The Torah Abides: The Apostle Paul on Trial

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