Paul Is Dead: Clues Given to Us From the Sgt. Pepper Album

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I WAS looking at the date of the second edition to this article and nearly two years have passed since that one and this was published. What a shame, really, especially since I’ve been meaning to build upon my case that the ‘Paul is dead’ conspiracy should direct our attention to a resurrection ceremony, esoterically speaking, and that Paul McCarthy is the mastermind behind the whole thing. It’s not like I’m being idol around here. I’ve been turning out work over the last few years like it’s nobodies business, especially not my own. And anyways, I have yet to hear anyone else come to my conclusions regarding the McCartney-Campbell connection. Personally, I think everybody’s missing out. For the third edition I’ve cleaned up the the entire paper but then added several pages which exclusively centers upon the 1967 Sgt. Pepper album. Perhaps next time I will get around to the Magical Mystery Tour.

PDF [Update]:The Walrus Was Paul

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