BRITAIN was the place to go apparently but Miryam of Migdal didn’t want to end up there. France we are told was her cup of tea. Supposing you’ve read my report on the Cities of the Millennial Kingdom, then you will know there was a concentrated effort to bring Messiah’s Besorah to the lost kingdom of Yashar’el, which had been established by the prophet Yirmeyahu and was waiting to blossom along that shoreline. Many of the apostles as well the Seventy arrived there, one of which was Aristobulus, Kepha’s father-in-law. Marqus was Kepha’s traveling companion and he married a woman from the isles. There are others, including Phillip and Shim’on. Even Pa’al managed to land there towards the end of his journey. 

As I was saying though, Miryam of Migdal’s final destination has been the cause of much confusion on my part, especially since Yoceph of Arimathea is accredited with being one of the earliest to depart from Yahudah, maybe even the first, and it is she who accompanied him. You’re probably wondering where I pulled that information from. Various sources. I will do what I can to show the Yoceph and Miryam of Migdal connection. There are however some biographical tidbits of information which I have gathered over the years, regarding Yoceph that is, and they’re worth mentioning.

This is my second update in one day on the ‘Miryam of Migdal: Wife of Mashiach’ research paper because I’ve been a very busy boy. You can read the update as well as the entire article in the PDF file below.  

PDF [UPDATE]: Mary Magdaline, Wife of Messiah: Joseph of Arimathea

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