Mary Magdalene, the Woman at the Well, and the Marriage of Ruachoth

by | Jan 13, 2023

REALLY, I would not be in the least bit surprised if the woman at the well and Miryam of Migdal did end up being the same person, nor would I be the first to make such a claim. Alas, they are not, despite the frequent double-take. Though their stories were intended to complement each other, and I intend to show it. First and foremost, the woman at the well was obviously a Samaritan. A Samaritan in case you were left unaware descended from the northern tribes of Yashar’el rather than the Yahudim. We are often told the Yahudim hated them so because they had interbred with the Persians during their dispersion hundreds of years earlier, but the truth of the matter is that they considered the Yerushalayim Temple as well as the Levitical priesthood illegitimate, and you know that wouldn’t go over well.

The woman at the well was later baptized by the apostles and given the name Photine of Samaria, according to her eastern biography, which means: “the enlightened one of Samaria.” Sometime in the early to mid-60’s, the matriarch is said to have moved her family to Carthage only to die a martyr during Emperor Nero’s worldwide shakedown in 66 AD. So again, I would probably be getting my wires crossed if I identified them as the same person, but you never really know.

You may be wondering why I’m making a deal about Yahusha meeting the Samaritan woman at the well to begin with. Because he met her at a well of all places. Are you even faintly familiar with how many Hebrew men met their Shebrew women at a watering well? The list is too long to copy down and comment upon for this intended exercise, though I will list some off for you. Eliezer sought a wife for Yitschaq and found Rivqah at a well in Haran (Bere’shiyth 24). Avraham met Keturah at the Well of Sheva (Bere’shiyth 25). (Bere’shiyth 25). after the death of Sarah (Bere’shiyth 25). Ya’aqov met Rachel at a well (Bere’shiyth 29). Moshe met Tzippora at a well in Midian (Shemoth 24). Ruth and Boaz have the same story as the rest of them. There are probably others. It just seems as though the well was the happening place to be as it pertains to boys and girls in the Hebrew courting process. 

The following is yet another addition to my Mary Magdalene: Wife of Messiah research project. You can read the latest update as well as the entire report in the following PDF file. 


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AND no, she wasn’t born standing up. That would be totally amazing if true. Rivqah is nearly 4 months old now, her birthdate being on July 7, and as you can see, she loves standing with assistance. Sarah and I are in our 40’s, have been married for over 20 years, and never thought we could have any more children. Rivqah decided to surprise us when we least expected it, and here she is, tada! all smiles. Yahuah is truly amazing. Expect plenty more of her in upcoming announcements. I may throw her in when you least suspect it. You can read her birth story here.

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