Mary Magdalene: The Disciple Whom Yahusha Loved

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MOST of you will tell me it’s John and I don’t blame you. Not so long ago I too had identified Yochanon. It’s not him though. The talmid whom Yahusha loved is somebody of another name and I’ll show you why I’ve recently come to that conclusion. I’m not saying that individual is Miryam of Migdal but with all we’ve been through I think she’s a good contender. I mean, think about it. The only place in canonical Scripture where the Talmidiym whom Yahusha loved is mentioned is the Besorah of Yochanon. That should be your first tip off. Likewise, much of the information given to us regarding the betrothed of Mashiach derives from Yochanon in the first place. The wedding at Qanah of Galiyl. The woman caught in adultery. The raising of El’azer from the dead. Miryam is identified as the woman with the spikenard and given a private audience with Yahusha at the tomb. The narrative is either Miryam or somebody very closely associated with her.

This is of course the latest addition to my Miryam of Migdal: Wife of Mashiach investigation. You can read the full report in the PDF file below.

PDF [UPDATE]: Mary Magdaline: The Disciple Whom Yahusha Loved

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