The Truth About Auschwitz II

  HOLOCAUST STORYTELLERS like to keep us on our toes. The gas chambers at Crematoria I is easily disproved, but never mind that now, because Auschwitz I simply wasn’t ambitious enough. Not enough Jews could be killed in a single day, you see, let alone the hour....

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Think Not That I Am Come to Destroy Torah

IN REPLY to the hundred or so rebuttals I’ve received over the years, insisting that Yahusha fulfilled the Law so that you wouldn’t have to, I’ll repeat again here what I’ve been telling everyone: Best to give Matthew chapter 5 another read. Because that’s not even...

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The Truth About Auschwitz I

  I STARTED OUT just like you. I read from the same Illuminati text books and was exposed to the same blinding propaganda. The Godvernment and my diploma had me convinced that the Germans murdered 6 million Jews in a few short years as part of their final...

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