The Unexpected Cosmology

The Ghost of the Crying Infant & Other Tales - THE GHOST OF THE CRYING INFANT & OTHER TALES It is a mystery what happens when we pass away, after giving up the ghost, shedding our mortal earthly bodies. Do we go into the ‘great sleep?’ Is eternal paradise or the place of darkness already awaiting those whom have sealed their fate? Are we escorted […]

The Antichrist, the Strong Delusion, and Paul - MANY of the Pa’al fanboys out there noticed that I made no mention of 2 Thessalonians earlier, particularly when detailing Pa’al’s various passages which anticipate the glorious appearing. If this is at all like those other thousand instances in my writing career, then they are currently going about social media writing status updates about me […]

The 144,000 and Peter’s Involvement With Them: Revelation In 70AD - BET you didn’t expect Kepha to enter a theological argument involving the ladies. Hope you haven’t forgotten that part, that the 144,000 were ladies rather than dudes. Turns out, the 144,000 narrative is full of all sorts of surprises. I figure a great deal many of you will shruggingly agree that I’m onto something with […]

The Glorious Appearing and Paul: The Second Coming In 70AD - I knew it. You’ve been listening to my claims that Yahusha HaMashiach returned by 70AD and thinking about Pa’al this entire time, haven’t you? The “But Pa’al” people have arrived to throw a leg cramp into the swimming lane. I’m robbing you of your hope and Pa’al proves that fact, says your latest social media […]

The Incredible Vision of Saint Drythelm - THE INCREDIBLE VISION OF ST. DRYTHELM   This text is from the eighth-century Anglo-Saxon monk and scholar Bede from his Ecclesiastical History of the English People. The Vision of Drythelm is far more developed as a journey and gives a fuller account of otherworld topography, even foreshadowing the purgatorial landscapes of the twelfth and thirteenth […]

“The Plane Truth” | Charles Johnson and the Flat Earth, December 1977 - The Plane Truth Here’s a guy who has some different thoughts about the shape the world is in. And he claims to be—pardon us—on the level. By Robert Schadewald December 1977   An isolated cottage overlooks the Mojave Desert from a ridge outside Lancaster, California. From this house among the Joshua trees—across 10 miles of […]

TUC Magazine Issue 003 August 2023 Release! - 001 June 2023 002 July 2023 003 August 2023 Subscribe to TUC Magazine THREE issues in and still no word from that van parked out front of my house. Just kidding. I’m totally being serious about the three “city workers” staking out the next door neighbor’s house, not making that part up. They’ve been there […]

Parable of the Vineyard | The Adam Fink Story - I HUNG up the phone with Adam Fink of Parable of the Vineyard and went straight for the writer’s desk, feverishly unloading the congestion of sentences onto the electronic page before they floated off into the forever oblivion. That was in the dawning hours of 2020. The date of this publication is July 11, 2023. Do the […]

The Sun Standing Still | The Earth Not a Globe Review, January/March 1894 - THE SUN STANDING STILL IF any proof were needed that the Bible teaches the doctrine of a stationary earth and a moving sun and moon, it is given in the tenth chapter of the book of Joshua. Here it is recounted how Joshua, the leader of the Israelites after the death of Moses, and the […]

The Vision Quest At Looking Glass - THE VISION AT LOOKING GLASS Not many men can pinpoint the exact moment they became a man. But I tell you, it is when the responsibilities and sufferings of manhood not only come knocking, but when it knocks the door down, and knocks you on your butt. I had an abrupt wake up call in […]