The Talking Cross: The Mark of the Tav in the Gospel of Peter

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23 And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying: You have preached to them that sleep. And a response was heard from the cross: Yea.

SEEING double, hmmm? We have been over this verse already is what you’re probably thinking. Well, as a matter of fact, I just published a great deal of commentary upon verse 23 yesterday. Just know that it’s not an editorial problem on my end. I am not a robot and do make typos, and you have no doubt noticed one or two along the way, but this is not one of them. On the last go-around, I dealt exclusively with the voice from heaven, which I stated to my satisfaction was most likely the Mother of Yashar’el, the feminine Ruach HaQodesh. But then there is much going on for such a short passage. Everyone gets so hung up on the talking cross in the Gospel of Peter but then they completely miss out on the deeper implications associated with the Tav. 

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