One Angel Or Two? & Other Supposed Contradictions at Messiah’s Tomb

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21 And in the night when Adonai’s day was drawing on, as the soldiers kept guard to by two in a watch, there was a great voice in the heaven; and they saw the heavens opened, and two men descend from there with great light and approach the tomb. And that stone which was put at the door rolled of itself and made way in part; and the tomb was opened, and both the young men entered in.

AMONG every resurrection account that I have yet to discover, particularly as it pertains to the two angels arriving from heaven, Besorah Kepha may in fact be the most eerie. No, that is not the word I should have used to characterize the scene. Breathtaking? Hair-raising? How about electrifying? I like the last option best. Though you should know that I just spent the last ten or fifteen minutes searching through the Thesaurus and cannot find anything that properly satisfies my feelings. The way in which Kepha describes the voice and the heavens opening in the moments before the dawn and the two men descending in direct route to the crypt. It’s quite different than any other gospel account. We’re up to verse 21 now in my line-for-line commentary on Besorah Kepha, nearing 200 pages. You can read the entire report in the PDF file, which is offered on the Archives page. Finding it for yourself is the easy part. All you have to do is purchase a $5 All-Access Pass to TUC. I put a lot of work into my research and appreciation the support.

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