The Donner Party Hoax: Cooking Up the Forlorn Hope

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DIFFICULT to believe but three entire years have passed since I set out to cover the Donner Party hoax, all of which was a rather obvious extension of California’s M.M.M. psyop, and never once did I cover the part which is synonymous with the Donners. Cannibalism. To my credit, it was the summer of 2020, and nearly everyone was scurrying around standing six feet apart from the other sheeple, suffocating in face diapers. Which is to say, I was enlisted in the trenches, fighting against the Media’s fake COVID-1984 psychodrama. That and a hundred other psyops were simultaneously assaulting my senses. They also required my tending to. Give me a break, will you? There is only one of me. I can’t cover everything at once. See, I think what ultimately happened is, I had all my research on the Donner’s and cannibalism spread out before me until the moment when I didn’t, and like NASA and the moon missions, the technology was lost. Sometimes it’s too painful to build back up again.

Well, I’m back at it again. The fake Media isn’t slowing down any time soon either. And so, I might as well get right into it, the cannibalism claims, before they roll out the next thing. $5 a month grants you a an all-access pass. You can sign up for TUC Membership as well as our monthly book releases by clicking that shiny turquoise button above. Of course, here [TUC MEMBERSHIP] is a link for your convenience. Or if you prefer, you can always feed the kitten below. So many ways to join!

Afterwards, ‘The Donner Party Hoax’ as well as ‘The 1849 California Gold Rush Was a Hoax’, not forgetting my entire ARCHIVES of material is available for your reading and viewing pleasure here.

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