The Unexpected Cosmology

YHWH Looks Down From the Firmament - I PROBABLY start out saying this every time but it’s worth noting anyways. Yvonne first published with The Unexpected Cosmology in November of 2020, which practically makes her a veteran around here. I had initially started following her work some years before that, and when finally asking her to contribute something, I had no idea […]

Greta Thunberg: It’s the End of the World As We Know It - GRETA Thunberg. Remember her? Hard to forget. Greta Thunberg, the gift that just keeps on giving. Looks like everybody’s favorite Swede deleted a Tweet from 6/21/2018, but not before some of us were able to file it away with our other hundred-thousand memes. Between this and Building 7, the Internet never really forgets, Greta. Speaking […]

Revisiting the Donner Party Hoax - EARLIER this week I pulled my 1849 Gold Rush Hoax paper off the shelf and gave it a much needed tune-up. The cleaning continues with this one. I wrote 1849 and ‘The Donner Party Hoax’ back in the summer of 2020, when nearly everyone was going around suffocating in masks and COVID-1984 was the hot […]

Hero Omelets - The first part – It was 3:15 in the morning on a muggy Thursday. The Village Inn on Yale in Tulsa, Oklahoma had four customers. None of them were drunk, normal, or fictitious. The coffee was hot and the omelets were delicious. No one was talking, they were all focused on the hot skillet in […]

San Francisco: Millennial Kingdom City - BACK then, when I published this paper a whopping three years ago, I titled it: ‘The 1849 California Gold Rush Was a Hoax’. Technically, that is still the title of what you’re about to read (or not read). I simply haven’t worked on it since it’s original release, and so, a much needed polish is […]

The Fort Sumpter Civil War Hoax: Eyewitness Testimony - FYI, the reason for this update has little to do with Civil War cartoon propagandist. That was just an added bonus. In reality, it has everything to do with a phone conversation I held yesterday with Andrew Lankes. Don’t know him? You should. We were shooting the breeze, casually talking about a great many things, […]

The Watchers Released: Cryptoexplosions & the Great Serpent Mound - EVER since publishing this paper a week or two ago, I’ve been bombarded with interest and excitement alike from my reading audience as well as the predictable pendulum swing of the eyeballs from my Holy Roller critics. The meteor craters in particular is what they’re all-abuzz about. The U.N. too. Suffice to say that I […]

Deadhead & the Search for God: The Zen Garcia Story - HAS it been four years since the original release of ‘The Zen Garcia Story?’ And here I was, gearing up for a sizable expansion of our interviews. Blame it on Covid, I guess. The world changed overnight, and duty called. I had trained for that moment and my orders had arrived. Off to the trenches. […]

Der Golem & The Batman: The First Golem - BECAUSE I’m always on the lookout for new material, I offer you a complete overhaul of one of my more obscure papers, Golem & The Batman. You can expect several new pages this time around. What you are about to read (or not read) originally started out as commentary on the Jewish influence over the […]

The Yahusha and Yahuah Connection: Who Is Our Heavenly Father? - MY friend and fellow researcher as well as Paleo-Hebrew expert Pamela Glasgow has turned in the most excellent research paper regarding the identity of Yahusha HaMashiach (though many of you know him as Jesus Christ) and Yahuah Elohiym (again, many of you know him as Yahweh). She proposes that they are both indeed the same […]