The Unexpected Cosmology

The Talking Cross: The Mark of the Tav in the Gospel of Peter - 23 And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying: You have preached to them that sleep. And a response was heard from the cross: Yea. SEEING double, hmmm? We have been over this verse already is what you’re probably thinking. Well, as a matter of fact, I just published a great deal of commentary […]

A Voice From Heaven: The Feminine Holy Spirit in the Gospel of Peter - 23 And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying: You have preached to them that sleep. And a response was heard from the cross: Yea. HEARING a voice from heaven indicates that it’s about to get Biblical up in here. There are several occasions in the Gospels when the voice can be heard, namely […]

One Angel Or Two? & Other Supposed Contradictions at Messiah’s Tomb - 21 And in the night when Adonai’s day was drawing on, as the soldiers kept guard to by two in a watch, there was a great voice in the heaven; and they saw the heavens opened, and two men descend from there with great light and approach the tomb. And that stone which was put […]

YHWH Looks Down From the Firmament - I PROBABLY start out saying this every time but it’s worth noting anyways. Yvonne first published with The Unexpected Cosmology in November of 2020, which practically makes her a veteran around here. I had initially started following her work some years before that, and when finally asking her to contribute something, I had no idea […]

The Yahusha and Yahuah Connection: Who Is Our Heavenly Father? - MY friend and fellow researcher as well as Paleo-Hebrew expert Pamela Glasgow has turned in the most excellent research paper regarding the identity of Yahusha HaMashiach (though many of you know him as Jesus Christ) and Yahuah Elohiym (again, many of you know him as Yahweh). She proposes that they are both indeed the same […]

Mary Magdalene, Wife of Messiah: Her Lover, the Roman Centurion - A CURIOUS thing happened on the way to the tomb. Kepha thought to name the centurion in the Besorah which bears his name, and why do you suppose that is? I have a thought or two on the matter and I’m curious what yours might be. You probably don’t have the faintest clue what I’m […]

Petronius: The Roman Centurion Who Guarded Messiah’s Tomb Was a Believer - 19 And Pilate gave them Petronius the centurion with soldiers to guard the tomb. And with them came elders and scribes to the sepulcher and having rolled a great stone together with the centurion and the soldiers, they all together who were there set it at the door of the sepulcher; and they affixed seven […]

Mary Magdalene, Wife of Messiah: Further Evidence at the Burial of Yahusha - WELL, well, well, what have we here? A new Bible memory verse stating precisely what I’ve been trying to say all along, though very few cares about Yahusha’s beloved enough to notice. Every person present at the tomb was a member of his family. Read it for yourself and then let me know your thoughts. […]

Were the Pharisees Responsible for the Destruction of the Temple? -

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