Bible Deep Dives

The Hidden Wilderness

MANY of us have been saying the globe deception was intended to hide the Creator for some years now, but we were only partially correct. It wasn’t simply designed to hide the greater realm either. That also is a legitimate answer. Still not the whole of it, though...

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Paul on Trial: Apostle or False Apostle?

"BUT Paul...." is probably the most repeated sentence in the English language, and likely any language, for that matter. It always seems to follow any passage in Scripture which speaks of the lawless as those who rebel against Torah. "But Paul...!" And it doesn't...

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The Torah Abides

THE Law was done away with because of Jesus, right? RIGHT....!? No, not really. The complete opposite is true. If Scripture has taught me anything, it's that the Torah abides. Praise Yahuah, the Most-High Elohiym of Yashar'el, we still have instructions in...

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