The Unexpected Cosmology

Remember When Constantine Changed the Law of God and Got Away with It? - WHY EMPEROR Maxentius chose to meet Constantine in open battle, rather than endure a siege in Rome, is a question best relegated to histories prodigious book of blunders. Rome was undoubtedly stockpiled for such an event. Evidence points to the fact that both Valerius Severus and Galerius, challengers to the Augustan throne, were successively repelled […]

The LONG Divorce | The Loss and Final Restoration of Israel -   Part 1 Judah & Israel — A House Divided Cannot Stand       THE BOOKS of Moses ended with a curse. If the children of Abraham did not hearken unto the voice of Yahweh, if they did not observe His commandments, then curses would be their lot. Moses writes: But it shall come […]

The Gospels Agree with Enoch: Demons Are the Children of the Watchers - THE TRAGEDY concerning the Book of Enoch isn’t simply its snubbing from Bible canon (I know). Enoch was for all practical purposes lost for the entirety of Christendom’s two-millennia history. Books don’t simply go missing. They get buried. In a theological game of connect the dots, lets just say some of those picturesque outlines were […]