The Unexpected Cosmology

The Priesthood Precedes Aaron - I am not sure if the title is news to you. If my paper on the Torah preceding Moses did not bring it home that Yah’s Torah is eternal I am sure this one will. Now, there was somewhat of an omission on  my part on the Torah preceding Moses-paper. Or maybe I just felt […]

Angels and Demons and the Seven Days of Apocalypse - NOW that we’ve managed to survive the initial ‘End of the World’ Trilogy (that’s a reference to my three papers, 536, 537, and this one, 541, in case you’ve lost your bearing), I think it’s high time we put this conversation to the test of Apocalyptic literature. What says you, do you yield? I’m feeling […]

Elysian Fields: The Cosmological World of Messiah and John the Baptist - IT was all fun and games until Mashiach’s worldview was invoked, am I right? Well, whatever club Yahusha HaMashiach was a card-carrying member of, I’m of the impression that Yochanon the Baptizer either held to the same address or more than likely was a neighbor. You can thank texts such as what I’m about to […]

Hellmouth: The Leviathan and She’ol Connection - MAKING the Leviathan and sea serpent comparison is a doctoral thesis which still needs to happen. That’s not a scheduled topic on today’s clipboard of fun though. No, the purpose of this discussion is to talk about the Hellmouth creature. I mean, seeing as how the Great Fish which swallowed Yonah was suspiciously in the […]

The Sign of Jonah and Leviathan - YONAH died. The atheists and the agnostics and the skeptics as well as the pastors and just about everyone likes to leave out that part. Depending upon who you bump into on the street, they will either tell you Yonah hanging out in the digestive system of a fish for three consecutive days and then […]

Elysian Fields: The Cosmological World of the Essenes - SEEING as how today’s topic of conversation derives from The Hidden Wilderness and I’m busily clapping away at a second edition, I think I probably spent the better part of the last hour attempting to decide where to place this chapter, nearer to the back or perhaps somewhere in the middle. I then tried the […]

Leviathan: The Seven-headed Serpent and the Abyss - HERE we go again. The weather report says there’s a NEW paper on the horizon, one which has been brewing in my to-do fodder stack for a great many years now. It’s actually a direct follow-up to my recent work on The Land of Eden, or perhaps more like an intended parallel. In that one, […]

New Atlantis: Tarshish and the Eye of the Sahara - THIS is the one where I tie in the land of Eden with Lemuria, Mu, and Meru, and now Atlantis with Tarshish as well as the Eye of the Sahara. It’s been an incredible week, starting out with a 10-page report and closing in now on 50. There are so many details to go over. […]

East of Eden: Atlantis and the City of Enoch - THE title I should have gone with is Cities of Enoch, plural, and it wouldn’t have been a typo. There were two of them in the Land of Eden. You’ve heard of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Saint Petersburg, Florida, but when was the last time that you heard of Enoch, Eden, and Enoch, Eden? Confusing, […]

Cosmic Mountains, Floating Fortresses: Eden, Lemuria, Mu, and Meru - JUST yesterday I published a paper regarding the lost continent of Eden. Yes, you heard me right, did I stutter? The moon map has done wonders in bringing the unanswered questions together. It is abundantly clear that Eden would be the same ill fated continent as Lemuria and Mu. Already, I’m adding several more pages […]