Hellmouth: The Leviathan and She’ol Connection

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MAKING the Leviathan and sea serpent comparison is a doctoral thesis which still needs to happen. That’s not a scheduled topic on today’s clipboard of fun though. No, the purpose of this discussion is to talk about the Hellmouth creature. I mean, seeing as how the Great Fish which swallowed Yonah was suspiciously in the neighborhood of She’ol and all. I mention the sea serpent simply because he’s bound to come up. He almost always does, given the Scriptural passages I have prepared for y’all. Supposing I were one of the lucky ones to spot a sea serpent coasting around Norwegian waters in the warm and breezeless summer months of the early nineteenth century, I guess I wouldn’t necessarily be wrong in saying: “Look, a leviathan!” So long as I wasn’t giving the ‘l’ in leviathan the capitalization treatment. Because there are entities like Seraphiym angels or the Leviathan, and then there are animals in the material realm which reflect their spiritual counterpart, Kapeesh? My aim for this discussion is to inspire one of my readers to sit around at the coffee shop with the normies, asking them the hard-hitting interview questions: Are Leviathan and Hellmouth related; do they get together at family reunions; and more importantly, why are they never in the same room at the same time?

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PDF [12/25/23 UPDATE]: Leviathan

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