Elysian Fields: The Cosmological World of the Essenes

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SEEING as how today’s topic of conversation derives from The Hidden Wilderness and I’m busily clapping away at a second edition, I think I probably spent the better part of the last hour attempting to decide where to place this chapter, nearer to the back or perhaps somewhere in the middle. I then tried the middle on for size before finally committing to the whereabouts of wherever we presently find ourselves. Yes, here is where I shall place it. And now look at where the diddly-dallying has gotten me, because the day is more than halfway done, and I haven’t even gotten through the first paragraph. Really though, the embarrassing part in all of this is that Essene cosmology never ended up in the first edition to begin with. I made the discovery within a day or two after mailing out the hardcopy to the list of our subscribers, ooops. Thank Yah for redoes.

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PDF [12/17/23 NEW]: Elysian Fields: The Cosmological World of the Essenes

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