Leviathan: The Seven-headed Serpent and the Abyss

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HERE we go again. The weather report says there’s a NEW paper on the horizon, one which has been brewing in my to-do fodder stack for a great many years now. It’s actually a direct follow-up to my recent work on The Land of Eden, or perhaps more like an intended parallel. In that one, I show how Lemuria-Mu was in fact the land of Eden. If you need this spelled out for you, the first several chapters of the Bible takes place on a lost continent. Well, it was during that research that I discovered the elohiym (god) of Lemuria-Mu, and that would be the you know who. Mm-hmm, the one and only Leviathan. As always, I’ll show you the details. I actually have much still to say, so expect more updates in the immediate future. If you would like to read this article, the PDF file is offered below.

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PDF [12/18/23 NEW]: Leviathan

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