Cosmic Mountains, Floating Fortresses: Eden, Lemuria, Mu, and Meru

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JUST yesterday I published a paper regarding the lost continent of Eden. Yes, you heard me right, did I stutter? The moon map has done wonders in bringing the unanswered questions together. It is abundantly clear that Eden would be the same ill fated continent as Lemuria and Mu. Already, I’m adding several more pages of research. Today’s research is primarily concerned with Cosmic Mountains such as the Garden of Eden but also Mount Tsiyon (Zion). For years, the splinter in my mind was in attempting to understand how Tsiyon could be in the land of Eden at one time. Finally, that question has been answered. 

If you would like to read this article, the PDF file is offered below. I also intend to add it into the second edition of The Hidden Wilderness.

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PDF [12/6/23 UPDATE]: The Land of Eden: Lemuria, Mu, and Meru

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