The Land of Eden: Lemuria, Mu, Meru

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DISCOVERING the whereabouts of the land of Eden came by total accident. But then you’re totally aware how it goes by now, one thing leads to another, and bada-bing: RESEARCH! It was in adding new padding to the introduction of The Hidden Wilderness, really, a mere passage of Scripture or two, that I haphazardly made the discovery. The lost continent of Lemuria, though it is also referred to as Mu, is Eden. Or rather, it was at one time—you know what I mean. And of course, all you boys out there claiming that the Philippines is it may still be pleased with my conclusions because the island hoppers were in the very least looking about in the right neighborhood of the cosmos. That is to say, you guys were so hot as to be burning up, but in the end, simply didn’t have the proper map at your disposal. The moon tells.

If you would like to read this article, the PDF file is offered below. I also intend to add it into the second edition of The Hidden Wilderness.

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PDF [12/5/23 NEW]: The Land of Eden

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