New Atlantis: Tarshish and the Eye of the Sahara

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THIS is the one where I tie in the land of Eden with Lemuria, Mu, and Meru, and now Atlantis with Tarshish as well as the Eye of the Sahara. It’s been an incredible week, starting out with a 10-page report and closing in now on 50. There are so many details to go over. What’s amazing in all of this is that it confirms my research on the hidden wilderness, though most know it as the Blessed Realm. The hidden wilderness is a chunk of land which can be found on the moon map that far exceeds all the continents of our known realm combined. And of course the land of Eden may no longer exist, being destroyed by the Deluge, but the moon documented its existence long ago. If you would like to read this article, the PDF file is offered below. I also intend to add it into the second edition of The Hidden Wilderness.

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PDF [12/7/23 UPDATE]: The Land of Eden: New Atlantis, Tarshish, and the Eye of the Sahara

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