The Unexpected Cosmology

The Biblical Masoretic and LXX Timeline Variants In Light of the Mandela Effect - THIS world is a very strange place to inhabit in case you haven’t noticed already, and I happen to like it that way. The Lion & the Lamb is a book I published recently, and as you may have already guessed, it focuses upon the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. Some of you may […]

Is the Nanteos Cup the Holy Grail? - NORMALLY, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the claim which has long insisted that the Nanteos Cup is the Holy Grail. There is something like 200 contenders for the Grail in Europe alone, this being one of them, and so, I’m certainly not claiming this to be the one now. The cup is said to […]

The Hidden Realm: The Globe Earth Deception in Tolkien’s ‘Rings of Power’ - NEARLY an entire year has gone by between the last paragraph and this one. I would ask where the time has gone but most of you already know the years are short whereas the days are long. And as you are also likely aware, I have many topical papers to tend to, most of which […]

Total Recall: MK-Ultra, Antiquitech, & Free Energy - EVERYBODY’S favorite Astro-not Buzz Aldrin has a very limited wardrobe, it seems. I hadn’t the faintest clue how deprived of variety it was until my latest reconnaissance mission in the Intel-net, which I just so happen to have completed a few minutes ago. You’ve probably seen the one where Buzzy-Buzz Hush Lips rips open his […]

Origins of Baphomet: Templars, Tartaria, Millennial Kingdom, & Mosques - THERE is always going to be opposition to any new idea put forward, though I think of these outings as a search for the Mysteries, ancient Truths which have been hidden from us, and also, a study in controlled opposition. My recent suggestion that the two fingers pointing heavenward in Medieval artwork (that it referenced […]

The Narnia Reset: Tartaria, Millennial Kingdom, Multiverse, and Recreation in ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ - JUST yesterday I wrote a paper on the Multiverse as it pertains to science fiction writer Philip K. Dick and the very first Mandela Effect, which just so happens to be the long-lost Millennial Kingdom of Yahusha HaMashiach. It’s the one where, amazingly, much of what I’ve been researching over the last few years has […]

The Millennial Kingdom Already Happened: Philip K. Dick & the First Mandela Effect - EVERYONE seems to think Nelson Mandela was the first Mandela Effect, but then what about Hitler winning the War? I bet you forgot about that one already. Philip K. Dick wrote about it in his 1962 novel, ‘The Man in the High Castle.’ It wasn’t simply a matter of science fiction though. No, for Dick […]

Vesica Piscis: The Sacred Divine In Millennial Kingdom Architecture - A funny thing happened on the way to the seashore. Shim’on Kepha pulled in the net and began calculating the great many fish that he’d caught. 153 was the final tally. That’s a very specific number. I mean, Yochanon likely seized various numbers of fish on any given day and on countless expeditions throughout his […]

Waking Up To the End of the Millennial Kingdom: Closing the Mind’s Eye - Several months ago, I put forward the theory that the Thousand-Year Reign of Mashiach was dependent in part within the Mind’s Eye. There was a physical reality co-existing with the spiritual awakening of souls until the spiritual was removed from the equation due to the desires of men. Only the bones of the kingdom remained. […]

The Millennial Kingdom of Messiah Arrived with the Phoenix in 500 AD - THE number one question on everybody’s mind is how long the fig tree generation of Mattithyahu 24 would have to wait before the kingdom of Mashiach was ushered in. Or in the very least, it is the inquiry which has landed in my lap more than any other over the course of my writing career. […]