The Once and Future Parousia: El Shaddai Over Egypt

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Found it. A couple of years ago I wrote to you insisting that Yahuah appeared in the clouds over Mitsriym, my point being that ‘parousia’ is an occasional occurrence throughout His-Story and not a onetime affair, as ‘second coming’ advocates would declare. Turns out, I was right. He did appear. Chalk up my latest discovery to not minding my own business, snooping around in places where I don’t belong. Meddlesome sleuth work. It went down like this. I happened upon a copy of the Kolbrin Bible, which is an ancient Mitsriym text and totally worth the time for all you gentleman scholars out there. In it, a funny thing happens while describing one mile-marker of His-Story or another. The writers identify the elohiym of the Hebrews. I will show you my research on this but it’s too much to share here. You will have to nab the PDF.

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