MANY of the Pa’al fanboys out there noticed that I made no mention of 2 Thessalonians earlier, particularly when detailing Pa’al’s various passages which anticipate the glorious appearing. If this is at all like those other thousand instances in my writing career, then they are currently going about social media writing status updates about me snubbing the passage and also how I’ve been stumped and incapable of answering it, and that ‘preterism’ or whatever label I’ve been assigned to this week (last week it was gnostic if I recall) has been defeated once and for all. Oh, believe me, Pa’al’s antichrist warning was on my mind. I simply wasn’t ready to talk about it yet. There was still too much else to cover.

There were the seven kings of Rome needing tended to as well as the seven Caesars, and then the lopped off head of the Leviathan entered the conversation. The thing that especially needed conveyed is the paradigm shift between Julius, Octavian, and the other three of the first five heads to the Flavians, all due to the suicide of Nero, which has all the markings of a staged performance. Those same sentiments were likewise conveyed by the left to right hand swap between the first and second beast. The idea was to convey all of these various pinions and cogwheels, maybe even include some of the other working gears that make up the industrious Beast Machine while we’re at it, before finally commenting upon the Pa’al passage. And so, you see, I wasn’t delaying or anything. I was simply bidding my time, waiting upon the right moment to strike.

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