EVERYBODY’S favorite Astro-not Buzz Aldrin has a very limited wardrobe, it seems. I hadn’t the faintest clue how deprived of variety it was until my latest reconnaissance mission in the Intel-net, which I just so happen to have completed a few minutes ago. You’ve probably seen the one where Buzzy-Buzz Hush Lips rips open his jacket to expose a ‘GET YOUR ASS TO MARS’ t-shirt. Turns out, it wasn’t a one-time affair. He does it often. I’ve already shown you a few examples. He’s obsessed with ripping his jacket open so as to expose the ‘GET YOUR ASS TO MARS’ shirt he wears underneath. He’s a serial offender. Buzz quite literally travels around the world photobombing people’s family photo opportunities at Stonehenge and who knows how many other landmarks. And then in another one I am showing you; he hasn’t ripped his jacket open quite yet but you know he wants to.

His ‘GET YOUR ASS TO MARS’ moment with Intel Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t be any more self-evident as to what he’s going for. It’s a line from the 1990 ‘Total Recall’ movie, directed by the Dutch filmmaker, Paul Verhoeven. Interestingly enough, Schwarzenegger gave his autobiography the same name, ‘Total Recall,’ which I read cover to cover upon its release in 2012. It’s still sitting on my bookshelf gaining dust. Perhaps it will come to some use to me yet. That same year, 2012, there was another ‘Total Recall’ movie—a remake. I haven’t seen that one and am told to avoid it like the University enrollment office.

You should know then that I just so happened to watch the original Verhoeven film a couple of weeks ago, my first viewing since the Nineties. The simple reason is that I had some ideas as to what I should be looking for, the space hoax and the MK-Ultra program being two of them. Well, it was there, the Millennial Kingdom. Verhoeven and company just threw it in there like some sort of backhanded compliment, seeing if I was paying attention. And I most certainly was.

The problem though is that I figured I was reading too much into the script, and that I was beginning to see Millennial Kingdom clues in places where the breadcrumbs had never actually been dropped. I even began to write this very paper, making it so far as the present paragraph, before abandoning the entire thing based on the later premise. That is, until one thing led to another, and I accidently stumbled upon Philip K. Dick’s 1977 speech at the science fiction convention in France, the one where he spilled the beans on the Matrix and the Multiverse but used the Millennial Kingdom as the crutch for his entire argument. The First Mandela Effect. Turns out, I should have trusted my instincts, as the movie was based upon Dick’s 1966 book, ‘We Can Remember it for you Wholesale’. I wasn’t reading too much into the plot after all.

Movie analysis isn’t something I get around to often enough. Mostly, my time is relegated to other topics of Biblical importance, and as such, much of my audience is divided on what is worthy of their intellectual pursuit. Obviously, I can’t make that decision for them. I can only speak to my own interests which, in this case, is understanding the predictive programming as well as the mysteries put forward in Intel scripts such as this one. And it should be self-evident that we’re dealing with an R-rated movie—not family appropriate. Again though, that’s a given. And so, seeing as how I don’t cover movie analysis often enough, let’s get right into it.

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