NEARLY an entire year has gone by between the last paragraph and this one. I would ask where the time has gone but most of you already know the years are short whereas the days are long. And as you are also likely aware, I have many topical papers to tend to, most of which have been collecting dust. Some are even buried under the fodder stack. The Undying Lands of Middle-Earth was intended as a side note to the larger discussion at hand, that being the hidden wilderness, location of the kingdom of heaven upon the earth, as well as the elves being a stand-in for the Millennial Kingdom saints. Well, I’ve been snooping around in Tolkien lore as of late, retreading old trails, and have stumbled upon some new information which somehow evaded me on the last go-around.

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PDF [10/15/23 Update]: The Undying Lands and Middle-Earth

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