THERE is always going to be opposition to any new idea put forward, though I think of these outings as a search for the Mysteries, ancient Truths which have been hidden from us, and also, a study in controlled opposition. My recent suggestion that the two fingers pointing heavenward in Medieval artwork (that it referenced a fusion of polar energies, the male and female duality working in balance together, a sort of Age of Pisces doctrine) met some backlash, which is to be expected. A commentor invoked the Baphomet statue for their rebuttal, seeing as how heshe or them-they, whatever the Satanist statue’s pronouns are, also has two fingers erected towards heaven. Perhaps I am assuming but here is the deductive argument as I hear it.

Iesus has two fingers pointing towards heaven.

Baphomet has two fingers pointing towards heaven.

Therefore, Iesus is Baphomet in disguise.

The thing about HaSatan is that he doesn’t actually create anything. He simply twists and contorts Creation as well as the Mysteries into cheap knockoffs, lying, stealing, and ultimately destroying all that he touches. And so, which came first, the Iesus artwork or the Baphomet statue? The answer to the quandary seems pretty straightforward. The statue is rather recent. It was not made until 2015. But then the best-known modern image of Baphomet was not draw until 1856 by the short season French occultist Eliphas Levi. I haven’t read his book, ‘Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual,’ by which the illustration is supposedly derived, but the name Levi sounds awfully familiar. He was a Joo.

Much is going on with the Baphomet image and I don’t intend to cover it all here. It is envisaged as a winged hermaphrodite, containing a multitude of binary human-animal, male and female opposites, with a torch between its horns and a pentagram on its forehead. Its arms bare the Latin words SOLVE and COAGULA, which means to separate and join together. We see two serpents entwined around the Caduceus, the staff of Hermes. And of course, it is employing the use of two fingers to point towards heaven, with its other hand directing our attention towards the earth. Again, much is happening, though I am seeing many stolen, probably corrupted concepts, and very little originality in any of what we are given. Satanism comes across to me as a blah-blah bland, material-based, and agnostic spirituality with very little if anything satisfactory to offer, certainly nothing original, void of all nutritional value but the boring blowing out of birthday candles and dead-end worship of the self. The offense in the Baphomet image isn’t simply in its intellectual theft, but its oversaturated strokes of malpractice. The entire image, including the name itself, is shameless propaganda.

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