SPEAKING of gnostic gospels, the most controversial line in the Gospel of Ta’om, though you would know it as Thomas, happens to be Kepha’s trash talk toward Miryam of Migdal of all people. Because she is a woman, you know, the cause of human evil and woe, LOL. In a moment I will show you the quote that has nearly everyone decrying the gospel in a hissy fit. It is my suspicion that a final line is missing. A line which, if rediscovered, would return the narrative to autopilot rather than its climatic last second tailspin. Because the rumors are true, and something is not quite right about the concluding dialogue between Kepha and Yahusha. That may seem a little too convenient for you, that I would claim something is omitted when it doesn’t fall in my favor. In actuality it is the entire book which denounces the final passage, not me. You will hopefully see what I mean hereafter.

This is of course the latest addition to my Miryam of Migdal: Wife of Mashiach investigation. You can read the full report in the PDF file below.

PDF [UPDATE]: Mary Magdaline, Wife of Messiah: Becoming Man

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