The Unexpected Cosmology

VIDEO: ARE FLAT EARTHERS WRONG ON THE MERE BASIS OF BEING CONSPIRACY THEORISTS? - AS THE BIBLICAL FLAT EARTH MOVEMENT GAINS MOMENTUM in the church, retaliation from the “academic wing” of Christianity is becoming increasingly intense. A Flat Earth convert myself, the question I now have for the young earth creationist belief system that I once so proudly held a banner for is this: If there’s no truth to […]

DID PETER SELLERS BELIEVE THE EARTH WAS FLAT? - PETER SELLERS DIED OF A SUPPOSED HEART ATTACK at the young age of 54. It was 1980, and at the time of his death he was already renowned for his membership in the sinister religion of Freemasonry. But he was also a Freemason of the worst kind, because he liked to divulge. You know, secrets […]

THE BIBLICAL FLAT EARTH & WATERS ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT - WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN TO THE WORLD if its billions of inhabitants could read—in the latest science journal—about a massive body of water sitting over our heads? Just ponder that for a moment. What if we all clearly understood that God, by His divine holiness, once judged our forefathers for their wicked schemes […]

Quotes from the Church Fathers Concerning the Biblical Flat Earth - WHAT DID Martin Luther, John Calvin, Augustine, Basil, Chrysostom, Hippolytus, Clement of Rome, and Justin Martyr, among many others, all have in common? They all believed Scripture’s account of the creation. And it’s flat. Long before men like Darwin and Copernicus infiltrated the pages of our scripture and watered down the very Word of God, […]

12 FLAT EARTH OBSERVATIONS WHILE GAZING UP AT THE STARS - A WARM-HEARTED QUESTION THAT IS OFTEN ASKED among fellow converts to Biblical cosmology is this. What one observation finally caused you to become a Flat Earther? We all speak so nostalgically of our final surrender because it was that victorious moment when we recognized our own condition, – blindness. But the resulting irony is, for […]

THIS IS THE GREAT DELUSION, PART 2 - THE OPENING PAGES OF GENESIS ARE PERHAPS the most controversial chapters in the entire Bible. If you want to watch the helium deflate from the room, start talking about Noah’s flood or the creation week. In my experience, when Christian Darwinists are dealing with a Biblical Literalist, they’ll often do almost anything to shut the […]

THIS IS THE GREAT DELUSION - EVER SINCE I WAS A LITTLE BOY I’VE BEEN FASCINATED with Biblical eschatology, or the study of end times. And so long as I can remember, in the entire apocalyptic canon of scripture, there was no greater mystery than the curiosity found in Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians.

I TRIED TO DISPROVE THE FLAT EARTH - THEN SOMETHING RATHER UNEXPECTED HAPPENED. Proponents of Flat Earth dunked my globe theory in the wastebasket, and I became a believer.