The Unexpected Cosmology

Joe Biden, Puppet President: Amtrak Joe Takes Another Tumble, Again - THE only shock in all of this is in how little I’ve updated my ‘Joe Biden: Puppet President’ paper. My last entry was nearly a year ago when there should be dozens of them, all adding up the numbers. My only defense is that I’ve been preoccupied telling you all about how truly strange this […]

The Lost Sandy Hook Hoax Episode Is Finally Available - THERE are rumors afloat regarding a long lost Sandy Hook episode of TUC LIVE. Well, I am here to tell you it’s true and the episode still exists. On YouTube though? Let’s not get too crazy. All Patron supporters have exclusive access to this forbidden video. For your eyes only! I would also suggest going […]

ChatGPT and A.I. Still Remembers Elle Woods Pink Car in Legally Blonde - A funny thing happened on the way to CERN. Reese Witherspoon’s convertible went from shades of pink to a solid black but not everyone in the A.I. community received the memo. I’m talking about the Porsche in the movie ‘Legally Blonde’, wherein Witherspoon plays a blonde lawyer with a pooch. There is of course a […]

Is the Mandela Effect Restoring Michaelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ To It’s Original? - AMONGST all this confusion, the Sistine Chapel is finally starting to make sense. I began tackling the Mandela Effect a great many years ago now, ruminating over the implications of it all, and only recently have I felt as though I’m able to grasp some of the deeper implications at play. As another reminder, nothing […]

Through the Looking Glass and the Singularity They Found There - THERE is bad news and then there is the good news. Believe it or not, I have just given them to you. It’s in the title. After everything that has already been spoken in this paper regarding time travel, particularly the manipulation of time, I was asked by my readers to address Project Looking Glass […]

Moses Didn’t Always Have Horns: Mandela Effect Residue - AND then one day we all woke up to the latest news. Mosheh has horns. At first it was only Michelangelo’s Moses statue which nabbed our attention but then soon, very soon, it occurred to us how prevalent the horn issue truly was. It was more like an epidemic. Horns were sprouting up everywhere across […]

Sampson and the Hair Cutter: Two Merging Realities - I GIVE you several pieces of artwork for your consideration. Nearly every one of them is hundreds of years old. Some even date back to the late Middle Ages. Look them over carefully and tell me what you see. I am not attempting to trick you. Each and every one of them depict the same […]

Phoning Home with the E.T. Mandela Effect -  THE Mandela Effect this time around is that E.T. points out the window from Elliott’s bedroom and says: “E.T. home phone” when what he should be saying is “E.T. phone home.” His order of words are reversed. Anyone and everyone who was alive in the Eighties knows the line and the latest iteration is just […]

Waking Up in a Jiffy with the Mandela Effect - SUPPOSING you have ever attempted to hold the ‘bread and circuses’ conversation with a sports addict during the fourth quarter of the ball game, then you know what it’s like poking a bear in the butt during its hibernating season. Don’t do that. In all honesty I never know what it will take to wake […]

The Time Traveling Trumps - AND so, with time travel potentially already being a thing of the past, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone to find traces of residue. More like sudden emergences in the pages of history. Like Marty McFly’s tampering with George McFly the science fiction novelist in his teenage bedroom, we too may discover the creepy crawling of […]