The Unexpected Cosmology

TITANIC Is Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (For This Sinking Myth to Swim) - RIGHT AWAY the Titanic narrative presents some familiar oddities. We are informed that the RMS Titanic sank on the 15th of April. I am quickly reminded that Lincoln died on the very date. April 15. Both were hoaxes. The Boston Bombing happened on April 15. Another hoax. There are of course other honorable mentions. Notre […]

TITANIC: A True Hollywood Story (Hint, It’s All a Movie) - THE SINKING of the Titanic was a staged hoax. These days, we really need to just get to the point and be done with it. So, there you have it. Never happened. Faked. And I know what you’re probably already thinking. As I write these words, there is a reported shipwreck at the bottom of […]

The Copernican Revolution Was a Hoax (Also, Marie Antoinette’s Love of Pinecones Discussed) - MARIE ANTOINETTE had a thing for pinecones. I can’t blame her. Some girls like shoes. Others unicorns. I actually know very little about Marie Antoinette. But that’s probably because I’m a guy. And also, because there’s nothing quite like a finely preserved vase from Classical Greek times. At the Louvre in Paris, women are as […]

I Do Not Believe in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair - YOU WERE TOLD that the city of Chicago once held the World’s Colombian Exposition to publicly celebrate Columbus discovering America. The year was 1893, and the Great Economic Panic was already underway. Some 27-million people, a number equal to half of the entire United States population, arrived from all over the world to behold 200 […]

The Worship of the Serpent Is the Esoteric Reality of Dinosaurs - ARE DINOSAUR fossils a hoax? I really wish I could tell you they weren’t. I wish more than anything that I could keep pounding my head over the keyboard, screaming from my fingertips at the dinosaur deniers: IF DINOSAURS DON’T EXIST, THEN WHAT ARE THEY DIGGING UP!? I’ve argued their existence for years. But of […]

Operation Lunar Eclipse and the Moon Rock Hoax -   THERE are no forests on the moon. Not even trees are a thing. You’d think everybody would agree—but no. So far, only the Dutch Government has come to this conclusion. There may be others, but it is the Dutch who had their very own moon rock tested. The results are in, and wouldn’t you […]

Satellites Are a Hoax - HEAVEN IS a junk yard where satellites are cartoons. There’s something like 13,000 satellites in the Earth’s orbit. This according to Google Earth. Popular Science adds, Earth’s orbit is crowded with tons of debris “whirling around at dangerously high speeds, as the film Gravity so memorably dramatized. In fact, there are an estimated 500,000 or […]