AND then one day we all woke up to the latest news. Mosheh has horns. At first it was only Michelangelo’s Moses statue which nabbed our attention but then soon, very soon, it occurred to us how prevalent the horn issue truly was. It was more like an epidemic. Horns were sprouting up everywhere across this motionless plane of ours. Not Mosheh portrait was safe, not even in books. People are like sheep and so naturally fickle about things like this but who can really blame them? Also, gatekeepers can be found in all professions. It would be up to the theologians this time around to calm the normies indiscriminately poking around on Intel-net search engines by stating that horns are totally Biblical and that there is nothing to see here, so stop asking about it. Mosheh having horns was a small oversight is all. The Enlightenment stone cutters were financed by the Catholic church and so advanced in their Vulgate studies as to be centuries ahead of the horn or no horn debate, obviously. Well, that is dandy and all. It doesn’t answer the question as to why nobody, not even the modern-day Seminary students, seemed to notice the supernatural growth until the whereabouts of the Obama administration.

You can read the latest addition to my ever growing Mandela Effect paper in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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