The Unexpected Cosmology

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News & Updates: Meet the Writers - I KEEP getting asked if I’d consider making YouTube videos again, and while I appreciate these gestures, I know Yahuah has equipped me as a writer and likewise prepared me for the days we live in—as a writer. I get it. Hardly anyone reads anymore. Just about everyone prefers YouTube videos. Or reading memes. But […]

Becoming Jeranism: Jeran Campanella’s Journey to the Flat Earth - IMAGINING Jeran Campanella walking the center aisle of his local parish dressed in a white alb with a cincture tied at the waist would be incredibly difficult to do—particularly for those of us who know him now. The personality behind YouTube channels Jeranism and Globebusters was once a conscientious altar server too. The boy Jeran Campanella wouldn’t be caught dead wearing […]

Living Down Under on a Flat Earth: Laini Inivale Is Winning One for the Team - 3   IF HOUSES could walk, then Laini Inivale would be a tower built of rebar and brick. In a crowded room, he’s rather difficult to miss. This is the story about the year we met. On the 26th of October, 2016, nearly 5,000 athletes gathered in Perth, Australia, to compete in the twenty-second World […]

THE SQUARE and THE COMPASS | Peter Sellers, Albert Pike, and Your Very Last Lesson in Freemasonry - ON THE 21ST OF JULY, 54-YEAR old Peter Sellers checked into the Dorchester hotel in London. At Golders Green Crematorium, he then visited the site of his parent’s ashes for the first time ever. Actually, the purpose of his stay was two-fold, because Sellers had dinner plans with partners Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe—all three […]

They Call Her the Black Dahlia | Secret Societies, Mk-Ultra, Stanley Kubrick, & Hollywood Sex Cults - THE WRITER WITHOUT HANDS   GEORGE DEVORE WAS DRIVING through the Mojave Desert, having just completed his latest script, The Big Steal. The successful Hollywood screenwriter was known for such films as Time Cop with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raw Deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger. But this story was different. This time he promised to expose […]

The Flat Earth Society and Daniel Shenton: Obama’s Wrong Side of History - IN 2009 THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY was quietly re-established with little to no fanfare. Its founder, a man named Daniel Shenton (no proposed relation whatsoever to Samuel Shenton) claimed succession from the Zetetic astronomers, Samuel Rowbotham, and those under the umbrella of the Universal Zetetic Society in 1884, as well as Samuel Shenton’s Flat Earth […]

GLOBE PROOF…? | Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole with David Weiss (and the Flat Earth Awakening) - WHEN LISTENERS BEGAN SENDING DAVID WEISS flat earth videos in 2014, he deleted them—every single last one. “I wouldn’t even look at a single minute of video,” he said. Flat earth was bad for business. And besides, flat earthists, it seemed, were derailing the very truther movement which he held so dear.

THE SCIENCE NUMBER | Living in Satan’s Backyard (with Chris Van Matre) - THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY was apparently something to be tinkered with in 2014. Mark Sargent doodled with it. So did Chris Van Matre. Admiral Byrd, check. Flying saucers, check. Wooly Mammoth, check. One thing led to another… Eric Dubay, check…?