Becoming Jeranism: Jeran Campanella’s Journey to the Flat Earth

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IMAGINING Jeran Campanella walking the center aisle of his local parish dressed in a white alb with a cincture tied at the waist would be incredibly difficult to do—particularly for those of us who know him now. The personality behind YouTube channels Jeranism and Globebusters was once a conscientious altar server too. The boy Jeran Campanella wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but black slacks and black leather shoes when vested for Mass. And socks. Only black socks would do. And another thing, the Roman Catholic Church requires that a crucifix be visible during the celebration of Mass. Imagine Jeran Campanella with a thurible—a metal censer suspended from chains, filling the cathedral with the sweet aroma of incense. Or as the cross bearer, leading procession with a large crucifix in his hands. When Jeran held the crucifix high, parishioners bowed before him. Difficult to imagine indeed, considering the Jeran we know—but without which, there is little to no possibility that he could become an ism.

What follows is my massive interview article on Jeranism, which was begun and completed in full partnership with Jeran Campanella.

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